About Us

A Purpose Built Engineering Facility

The 8 acre site encloses a purpose built engineering facility which provides the operational area required for the manipulation of heavy and complex fabrications,steel structures and tube forms that are an intrinsic part of the company’s core products.


Plant & Equipment

manufacturing-2The plant and equipment that form an inseparable
part of the fabrication formula include:

  • Plasma Cutting
  • Profile Cutting
  • Plate Rolling & Bending
  • Weld Edge Preparation
  • Automatic Welding Machine
  • Tube Expansion & Tube Welding Machines
  • Lathe Machines
  • Radial Drilling Machines
  • Hydraulic Pressmanufacturing-3
  • Plate Shearing Machine
  • Shotblasting & Painting Facilities
  • CNC Drilling, Rubber/FRP/Glass Flake Lining,
    Boring, Planing, Dishing, PWHT from approved

This also reflects the specialist nature of the machine processes involved with several of the machine tools being unique to Chem Process. In general, the machining capacity reflects the enormous structures frequently machined in this facility and the advanced level of the technology involved.

Exotic Materials & a Clean Shop Policy

Exotic Materials are stored and protected separately to avoid contamination. We also recognize the importance of material separation during the welding process and our workshop boasts of a controlled ‘Clean Shop’ area for this purpose.