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Evaporation with Advances Vapor Compressor for Industrial Waste Water

Himatsingka Seide Limited, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Project Highlights

Plant Configuration

Part A: Double Effect Falling Film Evaporation with Advance Vapor Cascade Compressor & Thermo Vapor Recompressor Combination System
Feed Rate: 6000 kg/hr
Evaporation Rate: 5100 kg/hr

Part B: Double Effect Forced Circulation Evaporation with Thermo Vapor Recompressor followed by Basket Type Centrifuge
Feed Rate: 900 kg/hr
Evaporation Rate: 700 kg/hr

Part C: Continuous Crystallizer followed by Pusher Type Centrifuge
Feed Rate: 900 kg/hr
Salt Recovery: 4.8 Ton/day

Material Construction: All parts coming in contact with water vapor/water in Carbonsteel. All wetted parts in ss316.

AVCC Monitoring Accessories:

  • Impeller speed-variable speed drive
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Oil Circulation
  • Temperatures – shaft bearing, motor winding, motor bearing, fan/compressor casing
  • Shaft axial position indicator
  • Condensate Drain
  • Surge protection for centrifugal compressors

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