Chemical & Pharmaceutical


Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries are the most complex industrial segment when it comes to processes, for they require different operational and testing condition for each product they manufacture. There is always an element of ambiguity for the specific product outcome if the operating conditions are not met. The Temperature, Pressure and Vacuum criteria play a vital and pivotal role to enable the product outcome. It becomes absolutely necessary that these companies prefer the most reliable equipments to serve their purposes.

Chem Process Systems has stood for more than a decade now to be one of the most preferred suppliers in certain equipment ranges like:

  • Multi Effect Evaporation Plants
  • Zero Liquid and Effluent Discharge Solutions
  • Salt and Solid Recovery Systems
  • Distillation and Fractionation Columns
  • Ejector Vacuum Systems and Vacuum Systems Combination Packages
  • Jet Mixers/ Jet Heaters/ Jet Eductors/ Scrubber Systems
  • Adiabatic/ Oslo type/ DTB type/ Spray Crystallizers
  • Agitated Thin Film Dryers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Vessels

Products for this Industry