Food Processing, Beverages & Dairy


Food and Beverage industries stand tall in all aspects of quality and they do not compromise. Modern Engineering practices have made it more illustrative to have strong and stringent quality philosophies for Human or Living Being consumption. Chem Process Systems has always been a most sought after company for the best equipment supplies for better and best edible and consumable products.

Chem Process through its years of practical experience and genuine Engineering culture has been able to serve the following industries by providing solutions like:

  • Vacuum Systems for Bleaching, Drying & De-odorizing
  • Multi Effect Evaporation Systems for Waste Salt Recovery
  • De-acidification by Distillation
  • Waste Water Treatment by effective Zero Liquid Discharge Solutions
  • Milk Processing and Condensing Units
  • Desalting of Spent Wash by Thermal Treatment
  • Continuous Freezing by Vacuum Cooling Technology
  • Crystallization of Salts