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Quality without Compromise

The commitment made in our objectives “Quality Without Compromise” is not a hollow statement.

Although each and every employee is totally committed to ensuring that their personal task is performed to the specification provided, a steady and consistent interpretation of the contract and engineering requirements is obviously necessary. At Chem Process this task is carried out by the Quality Assurance Department.

Our Quality Assurance Policy requires structuring and in-depth planning at the earlier stages of a contract’s implementation in order to ensure conformity by both in-house manufacturing and outside suppliers. In fact, all areas of company activities are regularly audited by in-house quality management to ensure compliance with the company’s Quality Manual. As a bench mark for the company’s quality processes, Chem Process’s procedures meet or exceed the following, for which we are fully audited and certified.


Since Chem Process equipments are sold in a truly global market place, compliance with local as well as international regulations and codes of practice are absolutely essential. Chem Process’s engineering staff is constantly reviewing requirements in this area and work closely with the Quality Assurance team to ensure that every contract carries full compliance.





Some of the relevant codes include: ASME Section VIII, HEI, TEMA, PED, BS, A D Merkblatter and Stoomwezen plus local regulations.