Process Solutions


Recovery of FCO Grade Potash from Distillery Spent Wash

The Thermal Evaporators provide a robust, compact and trouble free process for effective recovery of salt from condensed molasses soluble for distilleries by desalting of Spent Wash.

Key Advantages:

  • Non Fouling Design for trouble free continuous operations
  • High Concentration factors to Minimize Residue or Disposal
  • Volume Reduction 20-50 times
  • Suitable for Highly Viscous Liquids and/or Waste Water with High Suspended Solids
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Easy to install & move, Skid Mounted with Small Footprints
  • Need for cleaning, heating surfaces almost Eliminated
  • Low Investment as compared to other treatment technologies in the market
  • Low Maintenance Cost, Negligible Need to Replace Expensive Wear & Tear and Spare Parts
  • Easy to Operate
  • No Expensive Chemicals for Treatment are needed
  • Also Suitable for Hazardous Wastes like Radioactive Contaminated Liquids, Heavy Metals etc
  • Simple way to Recover Precious Materials from Waste Liquids, Salt Recovery and Cleaner Water for process use