Feed Water Heaters

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    Heater 2_750X380

    Plant sizes from 2-150 MWe plant capacity


    Design, manufacture and erection from one source

    HP Heater

    Perfected Technology for reliable increase in efficiency

    HP Heater

    Optimized tube bundle venting system to enhance performance

    Chem Process Systems offers high quality Feed water Heaters to meet the client’s requirements in the power generation, chemical, petrochemical and marine engineering industries. We design and manufacture both low pressure and high pressure Feed water Heaters which may be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on the plant design requirements. Conservatively designed tube bundles and proven venting concepts provide permanent protection against damage and guarantee optimal heat transfer. We offer the complete range of Feed water Heaters for nuclear and large scale conventional power plants, such as:

    • U-type Feedwater Heaters
    • Duplex Heaters with U-tube bundles
    • Heaters with Drain Cooling and Steam Desuperheating sections

    Features & Highlights

    • Special constructions such as U-tube Duplex Heaters
    • Optimized tube bundle venting system to enhance performance
    • Design, manufacture and erection from one source
    • Proven by reference
    • Plant sizes from 2-150 MWe plant capacity
    • Vertical or horizontal designs for both LP and HP units
    • LP/HP Heaters with U-tubes
    • Duplex Heaters with U-tubes

    Industrial Application

    • Power Generation
    • Chemical
    • Petrochemical
    • Marine Engineering


    The design parameters of the Feed water Heaters are determined by the economics of design and plant requirements. Each Feed water Heater will contain one to three separate heat transfer areas or zones including the condensing, desuperheating and subcooling zones. The tube material, tube diameter and water velocity are selected based on the calculation of operational economy and safety.

    • For LP heaters the tubes are expanded by rolling into the tube sheet. For HP heaters the tubes are welded to the tubesheet followed by a light expansion.
    • The bundle carrier is designed such that the tubes are protected against deformation and vibration and can freely expand.
    • The support plates with the tube bundles can freely move in longitudinal and cross direction, despite the unequal thermal expansion due to the hot and cold tube leg. The support plates show furthermore supports in the shape of wings, in order for lateral guidance of the bundle carrier at the inner wall of the steam shell.
    • The bundle carrier consists of support plates, side metal sheets, spacers and tie- rods which can be economically assembled quickly and with little welding work.

    Design Features

    • Independent Desuperheating Zone Closures
    • Baffle Configuration and Spacing based on Conservative Mass Velocity Criteria
    • Fully enclosed Self-Venting Drains and Sub-Cooling Zones
    • Liberal Sub-Cooling Zone entrance areas to permit low approach velocities which prevent flashing of Saturated Drains
    • Internal, centrally located venting arrangement to provide a positive means of continuously venting condensing zone
    • Channel Cover Configurations for all nozzle layouts
    • Fully automated Tube-To-Tubes sheet welding procedures
    • Hydraulic or Conventional Tube Expansion assuring consistently reliable Tube Joints